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Superpower Activation: Attract Success – Visual Meditation Movie in HD

Superpower Activation: Attract Success – Visual Meditation Movie in HD subliminal video manifesting law of attraction binaural beats abundance 2 What does success mean to you?  Does it entail just having an over abundance of money, or is it a little deeper?  Some people see success as a perfect balance of freedom, family, money and fun.  There is no one perfect definition of success.  Success is going to mean something different to each individual.

This video is meant to help you identify what you consider successful, and then help you attract that success to you.  As you watch this video, you’ll find yourself high above the earth, flying over amazing landscapes, seeing things you might not usually get to see.  As you watch, allow the binaural beats to pull you into a trance, allow the subliminal messages to go straight to your subconscious, and focus on what it means to you to be successful.

Eventually you will be able to recognize opportunities of success when they come to you.  You will be able to seize them quicker, and force them to bend to your will.  You will become unstoppable! Some of the subliminal messages in this production include:

Wealth is pouring into your life.
Your possibilities are endless
Your inner vision is always clear and focused
You deserve love, success and happiness
The Universe supports your every effort
You are a success in all that You do
You are reaching your goals
You can do this
Everything You touch returns riches to you
You are a creative genius
All of your dreams are coming true
You give generously, and receive graciously
The Universe provides you all that You need and desire
You deserve the good life
Everything You put your hand to prospers and succeeds
You deserve to be happy
Everything You touch is a success
You believe in yourself


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