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Subliminal Video – Love Vibration (in HD)

Subliminal Video   Love Vibration (in HD) subliminal video manifesting If you want to attract love, you’ve got to be able to feel love…and you’ve got to be able to give love.  It’s as simple as that.  Humans are like radios, always transmitting and receiving.  What kind of signals are you transmitting?  If you are subconsciously transmitting signals of selfishness, lack, self doubt, anger, lack of confidence or anything else that is on the opposite end of love, those around you can pick up on that.  Other people’s subconscious receivers will pick up on your negativity and lack of love, and tell their conscious minds to “stay away” from you.  If you want to change your outcome with respects to love, you’ve got to change the way your mind thinks about love.

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Subliminal Video   Love Vibration (in HD) subliminal video manifesting

Subliminal Video   Love Vibration (in HD) subliminal video manifesting

Subliminal Video   Love Vibration (in HD) subliminal video manifesting

I created this Subliminal Video to program your subconscious with feelings of warmth, love and affection.  As you continually program your mind with this video, others will eventually be able to pick up on the signals that you put out, and you’ll find yourself attracting love.  This video uses binaural beats and SPOKEN SUBLIMINAL COMMANDS to help program your mind to attract love.

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The FULL Version video contains nearly 40 minutes of high intensity subliminal entrainment that will program you to feel and attract the love you want. Learn to give off the signals that the right mate for you will pick up on.

Some of the subliminal commands include:

you allow love to find yourself easily and effortlessly.
you allow yourself to open your heart and experience love.
you allow yourself to open up and experience love.
you are a loving and lovable person.
you are a magnificent being with an abundance of love to give.
you are a radiant being filled with love and light.
you are a skilled lover.
you are a warm, giving person.
you are cherished and valued.
you are deeply loved, and love deeply in return.
you are filled with the light of love, peace and joy.
you are greeted by love wherever you go.

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