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Subliminal Video – Good Luck Attractor (in HD)

Subliminal Video   Good Luck Attractor (in HD) subliminal video manifesting law of attraction binaural beats NOTE – THIS VIDEO IS ALSO PART OF THE ABILITIES SUPER PACK FOUND HERE.  Part of having “Good Luck” is being in the right place at the right time, and having a mind that is trained to pick up on the tiny fluctuations and vibrations in interactions between people, places and circumstances, and turning that to your advantage.

This video will use spoken subliminal commands, binaural beat brainwave entrainment and 3D spatial sound to program your subconscious to help you attract good luck and fortunate circumstances.  Repeated viewing of this video while meditating on your desired outcome will allow you to start experiencing a shift to “Good Luck” that you might not have seen before.

Play The Lite (Preview) Version Below

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Subliminal Video   Good Luck Attractor (in HD) subliminal video manifesting law of attraction binaural beats

Subliminal Video   Good Luck Attractor (in HD) subliminal video manifesting law of attraction binaural beats

Subliminal Video   Good Luck Attractor (in HD) subliminal video manifesting law of attraction binaural beats

There are over 35 minutes of high intensity subliminal entrainment in the FULL Version video that will program your mind to attract good luck. As your mind is drawn into a meditative state, your subconscious will be trained to attract people and situations that will contribute to your Good Luck. Video AND MP3 file included.

Some of the subliminal messages going to your subconscious include:

All my prospects bring me abundant good fortune.
With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more luck into my life.
With each day I become more thankful for all the luck and good fortune in my life
Windfalls come my way regularly.
Whomever I meet, good fortune is bestowed upon them.
Today I welcome abundant good luck into my life.
Today I bless my being with limitless good fortune.
Things have an amazing way of always working in my favor.
Things have a marvelous way of always working out for me.
Things are going my way!
The smarter I work, the luckier I am.
The more I accept good luck, the more of it I experience.
Terrific opportunities come to me every day.
Serendipity is my constant companion.
Positive things always seem to happen to me
Positive things always happen to me
Others see me as a very lucky person
Others are always telling me how lucky I am
New and exciting opportunities are always coming my way
My world is filled with abundant good luck.
My whole life is one lucky streak.
My sincere gratitude attracts more good luck
My run of good luck is endless.
…and hundreds more.

  1. Bhumit Mehta says:

    Magics happening daily since i have used this good luck. I have notice a tremendous change. Things are changing fast and all my work is getting done without any obstacles.All the locked doors are opening. Life has become more smooth nowadays. Thanks a lot for creating this wonderful subliminal video.

    • I’m very glad to hear that. You’re using these videos exactly as intended, as tools to help bring out the power inside you.

    • Rosario Marti says:

      Thank you for the beautiful video of Easter Island,
      when I began to look the statues is incridible how came to my mind the Anunakis!!!Really is one of the proof of this ancient civilization so advanced.
      Thank you again.

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