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New Video – How to Meditate With iGodMind Subliminal Manifestation Videos

New Video   How to Meditate With iGodMind Subliminal Manifestation Videos subliminal video meditation manifesting law of attraction binaural beats abundance 2 I wrote a post recently explaining how I intended my subliminal videos to be used in your meditations so that you can program your subconscious mind to help attract what you want into your life.  I was still getting questions asking for more clarification, so I put together this video.  Please watch it as it explains how to meditate using iGodMind Subliminal Manifestation Videos.  If you are able to meditate with these videos, use them to focus on your intentions and goals, you’ll find yourself able to manifest what you desire much quicker.  These videos are not magic.  But they can aid you in programming your subconscious to go to work for you, carrying out your wishes, finding ways of making the dreams you program into it come true.  I hope you enjoy it!…

  1. Alan Bates says:

    If I make my intension statement “Because this will make me happy” that should be good enough reason. Would I be correct on that assumption?

  2. Marcel Serieys says:

    recently bought the video of Third Eye Opened – Binaural, and I want to know if I can just listen to my iphone, and if I fall asleep, and that meditation is very long


  3. I am a actioneer of this method. Nothing much to really say other than the fact that THIS WORKS. One must be intune with him/herself, healthy body and a healthy mind as the mind is a powerful force on this planet. Study to show thyself approved.

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