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iGodMind Subliminal Videos are on iTunes Now!

iGodMind Subliminal Videos are on iTunes Now! subliminal video If you’d like to get your motivation and subliminal programming fix on the go, now you can!  iGodMind is now on iTunes!  All the FREE versions (plus special extras) will be loaded as Video Podcasts.  This means you can simply subscribe to the iGodMind Video Podcast on iTunes, and you’ll have direct access to every single FREE version of the iGodMind Subliminal Manifestation Videos.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll have every free video added.  Then going forward, every time a new iGodMind Subliminal Manifestation Video is released on the website here and on YouTube, the same free version will be sent to iTunes.

To view iGodMind in iTunes or to subscribe to the iGodMind Video Podcast, click HERE.

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