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Full Version – Manifest Healing for Body and Mind (in HD)

Full Version   Manifest Healing for Body and Mind (in HD) subliminal video meditation manifesting health NOTE – THIS VIDEO IS ALSO PART OF THE HEALING SUPER PACK FOUND HERE.  Sometimes your mind feels tired, and your body feels run down. No matter how hard you try to stay positive and focused, you just need a recharge. I feel that way sometimes too. The need to recharge and realign the body and mind led to the creation of this manifestation movie called HEALING THE MIND AND BODY. This movie is designed to produce brainwaves that will aid in certain healing aspects of the mind and body.

HEALING THE MIND AND BODY is a little different from other Manifestation Movies I’ve created. This time I’m trying something different. Instead of having only subliminal affirmations and commands, this movie will show your conscious mind the subliminal commands you are about to receive. Allowing your conscious mind to read and see the commands before they go to work in your subconscious mind will allow your entire mind to work in unison to bring about the results and changes in your life even quicker when you commit to viewing it repeatedly, at least twice per day.

The FULL Version video has high intensity subliminal training that will reprogram your mind to Manifest healing for your body and mental state. Enter a meditative state conducive to faster healing as your explore stunning HD landscapes.

The Binaural Beats used in HEALING THE MIND AND BODY produce beats at a frequency of 7.83 Hz, also known as the Schumann Resonance, named after the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who discovered this natural radio signal resonating throughout the earth in 1952. Many experts believe that the artificial man-made electromagnetic pollution of today’s modern world masks us from that natural frequency of the earth. This can cause us to feel stressed, fatigued or out of balance in a way. When living cells are exposed to the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz, research has shown that these cells are able to increase their immune protection and decrease the absorption of depressing causing chemicals. Some scientists believe that exposure to a 7.83 Hz pulse can counter the effects of man-made electromagnetic pollution (from cell phones, TVs, radio signals, satellite signals, etc.) and provide a natural healing state for the body and mind.

While you enjoy the 7.83 Hz Binaural Beats mixed with the soundtrack to this movie, you will see the conscious affirmation or command first, followed by the subliminal affirmations. Here are some of the subliminal affirmations you will experience in HEALING THE MIND AND BODY:

Play The Lite (Preview) Version Below

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Full Version   Manifest Healing for Body and Mind (in HD) subliminal video meditation manifesting health

Full Version   Manifest Healing for Body and Mind (in HD) subliminal video meditation manifesting health

Full Version   Manifest Healing for Body and Mind (in HD) subliminal video meditation manifesting health

Some Affirmations in this Manifestation Movie

  • every cell in your body is healing now
  • you are now relaxed and filled with peace of mind
  • you are creating healing energy in your life now
  • your body is healthier and stronger everyday in every way
  • your mind is getting stronger everyday in every way
  • Every atom of your being is resonating with source energy
  • you are whole and healing with every breath
  • you manifest perfect health and strength
  • you have vibrant health throughout your mind, body and soul
  • you accept perfect health now
  • you passionately love your whole, healthy self
  • you heal yourself physically and emotionally
  • you get stronger each passing day
  • your body is healthy and vibrant
  • you are receiving positive energy and complete health
  • your body now eliminates all toxins quickly
  • All the cells in your body are vibrating with positive energy and strength
  • There is only room in your body for wellness
  • you radiate good health
  • Every cell in your body vibrates with energy and health
  • You feel mentally healthy and well
  • you feel a light of healing energy glowing inside you
  • …and many more

Make a commitment to start healing your mind and body. Use this movie several times a week at least. I’m very interested in hearing about your experiences while using this manifestation movie in your life. Leave your comments and video comments below and let me know!

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