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Free Subliminal MP3 – Immune System Booster

Free Subliminal MP3   Immune System Booster meditation binaural beats I don’t like it when I feel sick, and I don’t like it when others around me feel sick.  I created this Immune System Booster MP3 to help program your subconscious with healing messages.  Your mind truly can influence the way your body reacts.  So program it with messages that will help your subconscious envision surrounding you with healing white light.  When you feel aches or pains coming on, or if you have a headache, or even feel run down from stress, use this free subliminal MP3 to soothe your mind and body.  Some of the subliminal commands in this soundtrack include:

A warm, pulsing, glowing blanket surrounds you and envelops you with protection and safety, soaking its soothing energy into you.   
All the systems in your body are perfecting themselves  
Being healthy and strong is normal for you  
Continual protection is offered by the specialized cells patrolling your body
Every cell in your body is healthy and radiates health.
Every cell of your body is radiant with vitality.  
Every day in every way you are getting healthier and healthier.  
Every day your eyesight is better than the previous day.  
Every organ and system in your body functions exactly as it was intended.   
Every organ in your body is healthy and functions at its optimum scale.   
you allow feelings of love to move freely through you  
you are 100 percent healthy throughout your body.   
you are becoming more resistant to illness  
you are deeply relaxed and at ease.   
you are full of energy and vitality.   
you are grateful for your healthy body and you bless every part of your body.   
you are healthy   
you are in peak condition   
you are pain free in every respect and your body is full of energy.  
you are resistant to illness   
you are starting to feel healthier and stronger  
you are transforming into someone who is just always healthy

To download this free subliminal MP3 to your computer, follow the instructions below:

  1. Right Click HERE
  2. Select “Save File As” and allow the MP3 to download to your computer.

Remember to share this post with anyone whom you think can benefit from this Immune System Booster free subliminal MP3.  As a reminder, I am not a doctor, and none of my videos or MP3′s should be considered a replacement for medical attention. 

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