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“What is iGodMind?” and the Need for a Spiritual Revolution

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When I first started telling people about an idea I had for a site that was dedicated to helping people create their ideal life by using the power of their mind and their spiritual selves, the first questions I heard were “Why are you calling it iGodMind? Isn’t that a bit grandiose? Isn’t that kinda narcissistic?” I certainly don’t mean that I have the mind of a God. So what do I mean by “iGodMind”? Well, in most cultures, when people think of “God”, they think of a divine spiritual force...

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Subliminal Meditation Video – FEARLESS

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Fear…it’s just a feeling. It’s not even something real and tangible. Most of the times it’s caused by the imagination throwing up all kinds of “what if” images in your head. Yet that imaginary feeling causes many people to stay away from their dreams, to give up on living up to their full potential, to stay inside a comfortable shell of inactivity. This subliminal meditation video was created to help you get past your fears, to embrace your own bravery and courageousness.  Everyone has the ability to become...

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Free Subliminal MP3 Download of Overcoming Obstacles

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It’s sometimes difficult to remain focused on achieving your higher purpose when you feel like there are obstacles holding you back.  Sometimes these obstacles are real, sometimes they are imagined, but still feel real.  This free subliminal MP3 download from iGodMind is designed to help you overcome those obstacles, and get back on the path to reaching your full potential. This free subliminal MP3 download from iGodMind is over 30 minutes long, and contains hundreds of self affirming subliminal commands designed to go straight to your...

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Free MP3 Subliminal Meditation Download – Memory and Study Subliminal Training

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This free download is taken from the very popular subliminal video seen HERE.  Often times people visit iGodMind.com looking for ways to improve their memory, to be able to study better, or to be able to retain the information they take into their minds.  This subliminal MP3, Superpowered Memory and Study Subliminal, is designed to help you train your mind to do all those things…from remembering and recalling information better, to being more aware of your surroundings and taking in more information needed to fulfill your goals. This...

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How To Use iGodMind Subliminal Meditation Videos And Get The Best Results

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What I tell people the most about iGodMind Subliminal Meditation Videos is that they are meditation tools.  iGodMind Subliminal Meditation Videos are designed to help you focus on your intentions, focus on your goals, and help you program your subconscious mind to the point where it is actually working with you, helping you attract the people and situations that you need to help you get what you want.  Occasionally there is someone who believes that watching iGodMind Videos one time will magically transform their life.  While these meditation...

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Changes Ahead For iGodMind EVOLUTION Steaming Meditation Video Membership

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In case you didn’t already know, iGodMind EVOLUTION is a membership area inside of iGodMind where you can stream FULL versions of all  iGodMind subliminal meditation and manifestation videos.  That means that you can watch these full versions on ANY device that has an Internet connection, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc.  It doesn’t matter what kind of device you have.  If you have an Internet connection you can watch FULL Version iGodMind Subliminal videos ANYWHERE!  No downloading required....

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Subliminal Video – Addiction Releaser For Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Food And Other Addictive Behaviors

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I’ve had many people write in asking for a video or subliminal meditation to help them overcome some kind of addictive behavior.  I get a lot of requests from people looking for something to help them stop smoking, or to stop drinking.  Some have asked if there was anything they could use to train their brains to release their addictions to drugs, sex, gambling, food or other addiction.  I want to help where I can, so I created this video to help disrupt patterns of addictive behavior in the brain.  This video will take you on a trip...

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Thank YOU For Your Help And For Making iGodMind What It Is

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I wanted to express my gratitude to you all for sending in your ideas, and for helping iGodMind grow into something truly global, something beyond what I imagined or intended for it.   Sometimes when thing are put in motion, they take on a life of their own due to the energy of the collective consciousness behind it.  I believe this is what’s happening to iGodMind right now.  It’s starting to take on a life of its own and be pushed in the direction that it is most needed by the thoughts and voices of all of you people across over...

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My Intention

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My Intention is to be a Multi millionaire so that I could provide for my family and and also show them that anything is possible when you use the power within of your mind. I know that God  want us to be do or have anything we desire. I also know that God created us and this beautiful world for me  to view it and experience the beauty of it.  I want to be a millionaire because something inside of me say that I need to be free. I want to experience a Lavish life style that God has intended for me.  I want to be financially free. - LaToya...

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I’m so grateful to you Ty!

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Just to say THANK YOU TY for all you did for each of us, and still do! Your work is amazing and very powerful! Thanks to your help, I started to change my mind, act and react whereas all the areas of my life were blocked and upside down! I felt depressed and you gave me strength to wake me up again! you are the most incredible person I “met” and there is no words which can describe how grateful I feel… Thanks, God bless you Ty! By:...

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Subliminal Meditation Video BRAIN REBOOT For Motivation, Focus and Law of Attraction Programming

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I’ve had many people write in asking for a subliminal meditation video that would help them stay motivated, or stay focused on certain goals or tasks.  There is certainly a need for more motivation and focus, especially when it comes to fulfilling goals.  So I created this subliminal meditation video to do just that – help you get motivated, and keep you focused on achieving, while programming your subconscious with principles from the Law of Attraction!  HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED! Watch the Free “Lite” Version Here...

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