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Attract Money to Yourself – Visual Meditation Video in HD

Attract Money to Yourself   Visual Meditation Video in HD subliminal video money meditation manifesting uncategorized binaural beats If you think that money or wealth is always just beyond your reach, you’re right.  It always will be.  One of the biggest obtacles preventing some people from finding wealth in their lives is their own belief that wealth isn’t for them.  This video is designed to target your own wealth preventing beliefs, and help you begin to understand that money is just a tool that can be used for making your life more enjoyable.

This video contains hundreds of wealth enabling subliminal commands designed to reprogram your subconsciousness for acceptance of money and wealth.  3D Spatial Sound is used so that you can feel the experience “moving” around you.  The binaural beats are design to entrain your brainwaves to Delta and then Theta frequencies, which are ideal for learning, programming and acceptance of new ideas.  For best results, try to view at least twice a day until you start feeling new ideas and opportunities relating to money coming into your life.  Open the video into full screen mode for a better viewing experience.  HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED.

Money Consciousness – Visual Meditation Video in HD

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Most people sleepwalk through their lives, never changing, never wanting to change. YOU have a choice! Start programming your subconscious to help you get what you want out of life NOW!

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